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White Himalayan Salt Lamp 4-5KG
White Himalayan Salt Lamp 4-5KG

White Himalayan Salt Lamp 4-5KG

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Himalayan natural salt lamp with wooden base, Weighs 4-5kgs. Electrical cord and a 7-watt globe included.

White Himalayan mineral salt has a low iron content and is free from impurities making white Himalayan Salt Lamps rare and much more sought after than their more colourful counterparts. Himalayan white crystal salt is mined from the outer fringes of the Khewra salt mine and is much less abundant than pink and orange tinged salt.

These lighter coloured rock salt lamps are brighter than other versions and suit rooms where the extra illumination is helpful, like a home office, dining room or poorly lit living room.

In colour therapy, white Himalayan salt lamp benefits include physical and emotional healing and releasing negativity. Their bright, crystal filtered light is reported as energising, purifying and uplifting to the senses.

Himalayan salt lamps are said to change the charge of the surrounding air by producing ions that have health benefits such as:
- They Improve Air Quality
- They Can Boost Your Mood
- They Can Help You Sleep
Overall Himalayan salt lamps are inviting, create a warm and relaxing ambience and may help you wind down before bedtime.

Suggested placement: In your bedroom or lounge room.

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