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Tree Agate Crystal Cloud

Tree Agate Crystal Cloud

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Tree Agate Crystal Cloud

Just as a dappled forest may bring calmness, so it's said tree agate may bring a sense of peace and inner tranquility to anyone who uses it. This gemstone may help individuals look inside for self-examination, which also may result in a calm demeanour.

Tree-Agate may help with ailments affecting the nerves and the blood capillaries. It may also help in lowering blood pressure. It's a stone which may be especially beneficial to people who have neuralgia. This stone may boost the body's natural immune system.

Agate may be beneficial for balancing the mind, body, and spirit as well as helping you to slow down and centre yourself. It transforms negative energy into positive energy. Agate may enhance mental function, concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. And may promote soothing, calming, healing inner anger or tension and creating a sense of security and safety.

Size: 2.75x1.75 inches
Each cloud is self standing.
Each cloud will be slightly different because these are natural stones and each crystal is unique and individual.