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The Little Book of Crystal Magic by Sarah Bartlett - Book

The Little Book of Crystal Magic by Sarah Bartlett - Book

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The Little Book of Crystal Magic is filled with simple rituals, enchantments, and spells that allow you to harness the mystical power of crystals for self-care and personal harmony.

Open your heart and mind to the divine magic of crystals.

For thousands of years, across cultures, civilizations, and traditions, crystals have been cherished for their magical uses. From rose quartz to obsidian, topaz to amber - and even the most unassuming of seaside pebbles - the stones that we find in the natural world vibrate with potent energy.

This little book will act as your all-encompassing guide to understanding the magic and mystique of sacred stones, and how they can enhance all aspects of your life.

By practicing the unique, crystal-focused spells, blessings, and rituals contained within these pages, you can harness the innate power of crystals to take your spiritual practice to the next level.

  • Number of Pages: 288 pages
  • Book Cover: Hardback
  • Harnessing the sacred power of crystals