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Sweet Dreams Crystal healing kit

Sweet Dreams Crystal healing kit

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This Sweet Dreams Crystal Healing Kit includes crystals that will assist with new beginnings. This kit will be perfect for someone who is embarking on a new journey or wanting to start the next chapter in your life.

Crystals Included:
Amethyst: provides such a soothing and serene frequency that we can’t help but feel relaxed in its presence. It settles the mind chatter that keeps us awake, removes any negative energies that might be getting in the way of a restful night of sleep, and it is also one of the best crystals for helping with and preventing nightmares.
Smoky Quartz: Can drive away negative energy and rectify emotional blockages that may contribute to your sleeplessness. Smoky Quartz is a good crystal to calm down your mind and body, relieve your all day long stress, and promote peaceful sleep.
Howlite:  Known for having a soothing energy that helps alleviate stress and aid insomnia. For anyone having difficulties sleeping, all you need do is simply place one under your pillow to tap into the relaxing energy it provides.
Lepidolite: K
nown as The Peace Stone because it produces such a soothing and relaxing state, therefore it is helpful for calming the mind and helping us sleep.
It relieves our stress and helps balance the mind, body, and spirit so that we feel more at ease as we are trying to sleep. Plus, when we sleep next to it, we awaken feeing happy and optimistic.
Rose Quartz: Known as "the loving stone", Rose Quartz emits vibrations of love, harmony, and peace. Because of its soothing and calming effects, Rose Quartz is popular for the bedroom, bringing a sense of tranquility to your space. Rose Quartz is known to improve your sleep quality and will help you to have pleasant dreams. Simply hold the stone in your hand before bed and focus on any problems you may have, and the stone will ease your anxiety and bring forth positive vibes to your bedroom.

Suggested placement: You bedside table under your pillow or in your bedroom.

**Sample image only, items included may vary in appearance as all crystals are unique and individual, tumble stones may be substituted for similarly sized raw pieces dependant on stock availability**