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Spell Jar Manifestation Ritual done for you!

Spell Jar Manifestation Ritual done for you!

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Choose your spell jar and let our resident Psychics and Reiki masters, April or Zach, create it for you.

We offer a variety of spell jars to help you manifest your desires, including:

  • Boss Vibes - for business success
  • Heal Your Soul - for emotional healing
  • I am loved - for eternal love
  • Negative Energy Be Gone - for protection
  • Oh, Baby! - for fertility blessings
  • Show Me the Money - for wealth and abundance
  • Transform Your Life - for transformation
  • The Magic Is In You - for spiritual development
  • Intuitively Chosen just for you - Unsure which spell jar you need? April or Zach will Intuitively choose the right spell for you!

April or Zach will use specific herbs and crystals to create an intention and set the jar for you. We will then mail the jar to you, along with instructions on how to complete the ritual at home. You do not need to have any experience with spells or rituals, just an open mind and a positive attitude.

Order your spell jar today and start manifesting your dreams!