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Smudge Kit: Zen Vibes - Meditation
Smudge Kit: Zen Vibes - Meditation

Smudge Kit: Zen Vibes - Meditation

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This Zen Vibes - Meditation Smudge Kit includes crystals that may aid in promoting mental and physical balance, which leads to spiritual well-being. It is also a great to kit to use along side meditation as its going to connect you back to mother earth, providing the balance and calming energy you need when meditation.

The act of burning herbs is common in many cultures throughout the world and commonly associated with Native American traditions. The ancient spiritual roots of this intentional act is believed to harness the spirit of sacred plants to cleanse a person, space or object of negative energies.

By repeating your intention in the form of an affirmation, mantra or prayer, either aloud or in your own mind throughout the ritual, you can shift the energy to release negativity and manifest positive changes.

Items Included: 

  • Large Sage Smudge Stick, Palo Santo, Abalone Shell

NOTE: Shells are natural and imperfect and may have slightly broken edges.

Crystals Included:

Clear Quartz, Selenite, Black Obsidian, Red Jasper & Bloodstone.

**Sample image only, items included may vary in appearance as all crystals are unique and individual, tumble stones may be substituted for raw pieces dependant on stock availability**