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Self Love Crystal Healing Kit: Large

Self Love Crystal Healing Kit: Large

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This Self Love Crystal Healing Kit includes a range of crystals that will aid in promoting self love. This kit will also provide emotional healing so that you can move forward and accept ones self.

Crystals Included:
Rose Quartz Chunk: Brings self love and love of others, and allows love to guide and flourish. This love-filled gem has a calming energy that releases stress and anxiety, and cleanses the aura while shielding the heart to heal and protect. It also clears away negative emotions, allowing us to invoke love energy
Honey Calcite Chunk: Increases feelings of self-worth, confidence, courage, and assists to overcome obstacles. 
Amethyst Cluster: Is a great crystal for spiritual self love. It helps us to connect to our higher selves and develop the self awareness needed to grow into our best self, while helping you to ‘switch off’ negative and disruptive thought patterns

Suggested placement: on your bedside table, in your bedroom or somewhere in your home to provide the loving energy. Also great for use during meditation when wanting to work on self love and emotional healing.

**Sample image only, items included may vary in appearance as all crystals are unique and individual, items may be substituted dependant on stock availability**