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Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Stone
Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Stone

Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Stone

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Rutiled quartz is a form of quartz that is characterized by the presence of “needles” or strands of rutile (a mineral made of titanium dioxide) within the structure of the quartz crystal. Rutiles can come in several distinct colours such as silver, blue, green, black, golden, red and etc. and each have their own biggest strength. Under the light, these tiny hairs are beautifully illuminated.

In Feng Shui, Rutilated quartz is a stone believed to attract wealth luck. A very popular stone among businessmen, it is highly energizing, and may bring passion into difficult times or difficult projects. This crystal may prepare one to face new challenges with confident, may enhance concentration and may also give you the ability to discern the positive or negative vibes or motives of a person, place, or thing. Rutilated quartz may help you see things that you might not notice otherwise, and help you see what action needs to be taken in order to fix the problem that you are currently having. It may also give you the strength to actually take that action.

Rutilated Quartz like Citrine is an excellent crystal to wear to attract the #8 Wealth Earth Star.

Wear a Rutilated Quartz while you are on a holiday or business trip for protection. It protects the wearer from negative spirits - especially those who go out late.