Releasing Negative Energy Kit

Releasing Negative Energy Kit

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Releasing Negative Energy Kit Includes:
1 x Cleansing & Purification Crystal Kit
1 x Energy Protection Ritual kit
1 x Black Protection Candle
1 x Mini smudge kit
1 x Note book & pencil for your releasing negative energy ritual
1 x Sacred Smudge Clearing Spray
1 x Explanation cards, detailing how to use each product
1 x Cleansing and Purification Soap 

A lot of my clients always ask some of the following questions:

- How can I release this negative energy that is plaguing me??
- I have someone around me who has been very negative lately, it is really bringing me down - what can I do about this?
- I have held on to a lot of hurt due to things that have happened to me in the past and I am having trouble letting go, what can I do about this?

All of these questions are relating to the fact that as human beings, the majority of us unknowingly hold on to or absorb negative energy on a day to day basis.

We need to protect and heal ourselves from this or eventually, it brings us down and can cause fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression as well as many other health issues that can come along with all of that.

This kit will assist in removing negative energy and protecting from it as well.

Please note: items may be substituted dependant on stock availability.

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