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Lepidolite Sphere

Lepidolite Sphere

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Lepidolite Sphere

Lepidolite may bring deep emotional healing, soothing and may reduce stress and depression. It activates the throat, heart, third eye chakras and the intellect. It opens the crown chakra, clearing blockages and bringing cosmic awareness.

What is the benefit and purpose of Crystal Spheres?

Crystals spheres have great healing energy. The shape of the crystal changes its frequency: the more symmetrical the crystal, the higher the frequency. With spheres being the most symmetrical shape, crystal spheres emit a powerful, high-frequency healing energy which can be used in a variety of situations.

Please note: our spheres are hand carved from raw crystals and as such may have chips or formations on edges, making the sphere not 100% "perfect" but in our opinion, these formations, add to its uniqueness and beauty.

Approx Measurements:
Option 1:
508 grams, 7.5cm diameter - $129.95

Sphere holder NOT included. Click here to purchase sphere holder.