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Infinitea Spellbound Bundle Pack

Infinitea Spellbound Bundle Pack

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Discover the amazing flavors and aromas of Infinitea's Spellbound Bundle Pack. Enjoy the unique tastes of four select teas, perfect for drinking alone or with friends. With each sip, experience the enticing, natural aromas, exquisite blends, and tastes of Infinitea's finest concoctions which may help with spiritual development and manifesting your heart's desires!

This pack Includes:
1 x Infinitea The Magic is In You: Intuition & Spiritual Development Organic Herbal Tea Blend
1 x Infinitea Show Me The Money: Wealth & Abundance Organic Herbal Tea Blend
1 x Infinitea Negative Energy Be Gone: Protection Organic Herbal Tea Blend
1 x Infinitea I Am Loved, I Am Worthy: Universal Love Organic Herbal Tea Blend
1 x Strawberry Tea Infuser
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