In depth Tarot readings via email
In depth Tarot readings via email
In depth Tarot readings via email
In depth Tarot readings via email

In depth Tarot readings via email

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Pick a topic, any topic and I will use the spread requested to give you some insight into how that area of your life is going. Using the most traditional and widely-used spreads in the tarot arts. You can't go wrong with it!

Popular topics include Love/Relationships, Relationship with a certain person (romantic or platonic), Finances, Career, Money, etc. Let's dive into how you can enhance this part of your life!

Choose from the following Spreads:
The Celtic Cross Spread
Year Overview Spread
In depth Past Present Future Spread

* A picture of your personal spread
* An extensive written explanation of your spread (via email within 24 hours of payment being received)

** Please note: Readings will not be provided until payment is received. 

Please provide the following information with your order to receive your reading:
1) Your name
2) Your question/Or general interest (love, health, financial, etc.)
3) Your contact email
4) Any additional information

I will use any of the following to provide your reading:
1) A Tarot deck
2) Oracle cards
3) Intuition and spirit guides

I am a healer and tarot reader, I always look to heal and help others. My readings will give you guidance and insight into the current issues you may be facing or even just confirmation of something you need to hear. I take extreme care and interest into every reading I give, so please rest assured that I will provide you with the best possible outcomes and answers you may seek. Let me help you see your situation in a new light.

Love, light & blessings,
Infinite Soul

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