Honey Calcite Tower
Honey Calcite Tower
Honey Calcite Tower
Honey Calcite Tower

Honey Calcite Tower

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Honey Calcite Crystal Healing Properties:

It encourages responsibility in leadership and can help with recovering from abusive situations. Honey Calcite increases feelings of self worth, confidence and courage and assists to overcome obstacles. It is helpful for learning of all types and developing skills

What is the benefit and purpose of Crystal Towers?

Crystal Towers are considered a strong power source. They are usually a crystal with a large point, with at least 4 equal sides and 4 equal faces that lead to one point. They are more powerful and hold a higher vibrational energy than regular crystals. Therefore also amplify the benefits or the type of crystal this generator is.

Please note: Our towers are hand carved from natural stone. As such they may have imperfections on the base, and possible chips on edges.

Approx Measurements:
Option 1:
192 grams, 3 cm wide, 10cm tall - $49.95
Option 2: 
242 grams, 3.5cm wide, 10.2cm tall- $54.95
Option 3:
290 grams,3.5 cm wide, 10cm tall - $59.95
Option 4: 
281grams, 3.8 cm wide, 10.2cm tall- $59.95

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