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Grounding & Meditation Crystal Healing Kit

Grounding & Meditation Crystal Healing Kit

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This Grounding & Meditation Crystal healing Kit includes crystals that will aid in promoting mental and physical balance, which leads to spiritual well-being. It is also a great to kit to use along side meditation as its going to connect you back to mother earth, providing the balance and calming energy you need when meditating.

Crystals Included:
Black Tourmaline: A powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, providing a connection between earth and the human spirit.
Hematite: A very grounding and balancing stone, often used to help connect one back to the body. Because of this, it can be used to maintain a connection to the physical body and to the earth when doing spiritual work.
Bloodstone: Has grounding and purifying properties. Because of its ability to ward off negative energy and purify and cleanse the energy around it, it connects you back to mother nature and provides grounding.
Red Jasper: is connected to the base chakras which is why it holds such strong protective properties. It helps us to feel grounded in this world and has an uncanny ability to stir up our life force by shaking stagnant energy out from all of our energy points.
Selenite: Calming stone that Instils deep peace, provides grounding and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work

Suggested placement: can be placed in your handbag, held while meditating, placed in your room or bedside table to receive the benefits

**Sample image only, items included may vary in appearance as all crystals are unique and individual, tumble stones may be substituted for raw pieces dependant on stock availability**