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From Fear to Gratitude - Glenn Cossar
From Fear to Gratitude - Glenn Cossar

From Fear to Gratitude - Glenn Cossar

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Glenn is a Life and Business Coach who has collected and used many coaching techniques that both guide and empower his clients through all phases of life.

Glenn has witnessed people experiencing moments of great joy, major changes and key events that shape a whole and vibrant life, including bouts of depression through to thoughts of suicide. This is the second of three books Glenn uses to help guide people to reach their own life goals and true potential.

“From a very early age humans will recognise a lie when it is spoken by watching for the visual cues and resonating sounds being projected. I say this is important because when using affirmations to boost or change how we feel we first must change our posture and delivery tone to make our communications to ourselves meaningful and believable.
Our most influential audience when communicating is ourselves.

After all, … we talk all the time … and the single most attentive audience is us!
The ability to use our self-talk or positive thinking as a means of boosting our senses and in particular our self-confidence is well supported from many successful therapists and writers spanning centuries.
I use these affirmations as negativity busters that really work!”