Diffuser Bundle: Anxiety & Stress Relief
Diffuser Bundle: Anxiety & Stress Relief

Diffuser Bundle: Anxiety & Stress Relief

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Option 1 Includes:
Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser & Air Purifier
ECO. Anxiety Blend Eco Modern Essential Oils
Neroli 3% Eco Modern Essential Oils
Lemon Eco Modern Essential Oils

Total value $126.80 for only $109.95

Create a calming and fragrant ambience in your room with our Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, Just add a few drops of essential oils or fragrance oils into the diffuser and let the ultrasonic technology do its mistical magic in purifying air quality, removing harmful odours and pollutants as well as promoting a peaceful and calming environment.

The Aromatic Diffuser works for any room - In the home or office and also functions as a dehumidifier and night light as well as a vessel for aromatherapy. 

We have carefully chosen Essential oils to reduce the occurrence of symptoms of mild anxiety, relieve symptoms of mental overactivity, promote body relaxation, enhance mind relaxation, reduce symptoms of stress, enhance the body's adaptation to stress, help reduce disturbed sleep, improve sleep quality, and promote healthy sleep patterns.

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