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Crystal Cage Lamp with Amethyst Clusters

Crystal Cage Lamp with Amethyst Clusters

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Amethyst Is a calming and soothing crystal, working on the emotional, physical and spiritual planes to promote calmness, balance and peace. Helping you to ‘switch off’ negative and disruptive thought patterns, this stone can aid meditation practices and support deep restful sleep. By opening and activating the crown and third eye chakras amethyst can enhance intuitive and psychic powers, connecting you on a deeper level with your spirituality.

The soft glow of this lamp and crystal healing properties of amethyst will create a beautiful ambiance in your home. Not only is this a gorgeous piece to have in your home it also provides wonderful benefits.

Suggested Placement: 
near the front door so it can absorb negative energy before it enters, or in your bedroom to absorb negative energy.