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I am loved  – Eternal love Spell & Ritual Kit

I am loved – Eternal love Spell & Ritual Kit

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I am loved  – Eternal love Spell & Ritual kit has been carefully curated to include items that may be used in a Spell or Ritual that may assist with promoting eternal love, positive communication and compassion in relationships.

Inside this kit you will find an explanation card explaining how to conduct this spell & ritual, along with the following items:
I am loved  – Eternal love Crystal Kit
Manifestation candles: Pink & Green
Herbs: Lavender, Rose Petals, Vervain
Optional add on: Large Sized Cauldron 

**Please note: If you decide to get a cauldron with your spell kit, you will receive one of the following designs on your cauldron:
Triple Moon 
Triple Moon Goddess
Triple Moon Pentagram
Blessed Be
Design will be intuitively chosen for you.