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I am worthy  – Self love Spell & Ritual Kit

I am worthy – Self love Spell & Ritual Kit

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I am worthy  – Self love Spell & Ritual kit has been carefully curated to include items that can be used in a Spell or Ritual that may assist with promoting emotional healing, self care & self love.

Inside this kit you will find an explanation card explaining how to conduct this spell & ritual, along with the following items:
I am worthy  – Self love Crystal Kit
Manifestation candles: Pink & Blue
Herbs: Chamomile, Rosemary, hibiscus
Optional add on: Large Sized Cauldron 

**Please note: If you decide to get a cauldron with your spell kit, you will receive one of the following designs on your cauldron:
Triple Moon 
Triple Moon Goddess
Triple Moon Pentagram
Blessed Be
Design will be intuitively chosen for you.