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Cauldron with Goddess 10cm

Cauldron with Goddess 10cm

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Cauldrons symbolise not only the Goddess but also represent the womb (because it holds something) and on an altar, it represents earth because it is a working tool. 

Cauldron's can be used for the following purposes:
To burn loose incense, incense cones, sage or charcoal discs
- To make black salt (used in banishing rituals)
- For mixing herbs
- For releasing negative energy or manifestation rituals (can be used to burn the paper from such rituals)
- Can be used for Manifestation candle rituals
- Can be used as an altar piece or to hold crystals etc
- Can also be used to create moon water, place water in your cauldron under the full moon 

Cauldrons have many uses and are a great tool to add to your collection!