Triple Moon with Pentagram Altar Cloth

Triple Moon with Pentagram Altar Cloth

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Triple Moon with Pentagram Altar Cloth 

A Wiccan altar cloth is something that many Wiccan and witch practitioners use when setting up their altars. An altar cloth is predominantly there to protect the altar itself from any damage that might occur through the objects placed on it. Its secondary function is to increase the power or intention of any magical workings. Depending on what kind of altar cloth the practitioner chooses, certain ideas or powers might be boosted or called upon with the altar cloth.

With this simple altar cloth, you can turn your altar into a beautiful, meaningful place, Since an altar is a sacred place, it is important to make it neat, A cloth makes your altar even more personal, On the cloth are the symbols of the full moon, the crescent moon and the waning moon, In the full moon you see the pentagram, which is also a well-known witchcraft symbol.

  • Waxing moon is the moment of new ideas, focus and energy.
  • Full moon stands for strengthening what you have sown and reaping it.
  • Waning moon represents a form of letting go, clearing up and cleaning

Many witches have certain rituals during the different lunar phases.
90 by 90cm 


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