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Book a House Cleansing Session with Zach

A house cleansing service with Zach is a spiritual practice that involves clearing negative energy from a home. Zach is an intuitive empath who uses his abilities to identify and remove negative energy from homes. He does this by using a variety of methods, including smudging, prayer, and sound healing.
Please note: It is a requirement that you have a "House cleansing Consultation" Prior to getting your home cleansed, as Zach will discuss all of the necessary information in your consultation as well as be able to offer any initial advice or information in preparation for the cleansing of your home. You can book this via our fresha booking system here.

What does house cleansing involve?
 Home cleansing can be difficult to define, as it is based on a per-situation approach. In the case of spiritual entities in the home, it would be necessary to rebuild the protective aura in the house. Discussing personal boundaries and protection with the client. This would be achieved through understanding the entities' intent. Prayer, smudging, and sound are some of the tools I use to rebuild and cleanse the home's aura.

The home is a living, breathing, expansive being that works with your truth. It is like a child. It is only capable of what it has experienced. It is up to us to create, nurture, and protect it. The home reflects our energy and what we face. Internally, and externally. To change that narrative, or build an alternative one. We achieve this through home cleansing.

Birds of the same feather flock together. That applies to energy too. If your home is in constant turbulence, your energy and home will reflect that. If you struggle with expressing certain words, your home will hold that same energy until otherwise.

Why is cleansing your home a necessity?
By physically cleaning your home, you remove dirt, dust, and bacteria. It is critical to extend that same time and dedication to the spiritual. There is a whole realm beyond our sight. A realm with far more influence than you might expect. House cleansing is the practice of cleansing your home of negative energies. It helps to create a positive and unconditional atmosphere, allowing you to rest and relax easier. Your home is another layer of your aura, an extension of yourself. In the same way, you might need a shower or rest after an exhausting day, and so does your home's energy.

Consider extending that idea to how inviting certain people into your home can trap certain energies you may not like. Dinner with the in-laws at your house, and they won't stop arguing? You will be left with those words, intentions, and ideas on repeat! A childhood item of significance that has seen countless turbulent situations? It will carry and spread those energies into the home. The act of spiritual cleansing is no less critical than cleaning your home.

Regular spiritual cleansing can help maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the home. It can also be a way of passively manifesting desires. A home where love is actively cultivated will be a source of love and connection.

Price is as follows:
$70 for the House Cleansing Consultation: Conducted at the Infinite Soul store, or via video call.
$160 For the House Cleansing, depending on your location additional fees/travel fees may apply. This is conducted at your home.

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Zach also has a Youtube channel where he provides readings for the collective and more. You can check out Zach's youtube here.