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Book a 1 on 1 Lesson: Releasing Negative Energy Session

1 on 1 Releasing Negative Energy Session


A lot of my clients always ask some of the following questions:

- How can I release this negative energy that is plaguing me??
- I have someone around me who has been very negative lately, it is really bringing me down - what can I do about this?
- I have held on to a lot of hurt due to things that have happened to me in the past and I am having trouble letting go, what can I do about this?

All of these questions are relating to the fact that as human beings, the majority of us unknowingly hold on to or absorb negative energy on a day to day basis.

We need to protect and heal ourselves from this or eventually, it brings us down and can cause fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression as well as many other health issues that can come along with all of that.

So, to answer these questions and help you on your journey of healing, you can now book a 1 on 1 Releasing Negative Energy Session with April, where you go into a deep dive on how to release negative energy and how to protect yourself from absorbing any unwanted negative energy.


Class includes:

  • An introduction to releasing negative energy, conducting a smudging ritual as well as emotional/spiritual healing techniques.
  • A releasing negative energy kit to take home with you
  • valued at $24.95.
  • A booklet to take home with a summary of what was learnt on the day
  • A 15 minute group meditation and healing session.
  • 15% off store wide on the day of the lesson.
  • A certificate of completion

After booking you will receive an email with further information confirming your spot and 1 week prior to class date, you will receive an email confirming exact time and also providing a more detailed course outline and what to expect on the day.

Class requirements: No prior experience required, just an open mind and positive attitude! This class is great for beginners or someone who is looking to expand their knowledge.

Booking requirements: You must prepay to secure your spot for this lesson, if you wish to attend ensure you book as soon as possible to secure your booking.

Cancellation requirements: You can cancel up until 7 days prior to the scheduled class and receive a full refund. After this, the total amount will be payable, however we will allow you to reschedule.

You also have the option to book this service with or without the Tarot reading.

If you have already had a reading recently with April but would like to learn more about releasing negative energy, then this is an alternate option for you.
You can also book this session with a friend at a discounted rate.

Without the Tarot reading $130 (Session will take up to 2 hours)
With the Tarot reading $180 (Session will take up to 2.5 hours)
2 people without the tarot reading $250 (Session will take up to 2.5 hours)
2 people with the tarot reading $350 (Session will take up to 3.5 hours)

Please note:  This lesson is intended to teach you the tools and provide guidance for removing negative energy in life’s difficult times. This lesson is not intended to solve all issues in your life, however it will provide you with a better framework for managing negativity in your life