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Flower Agate Tumbled Stones
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Amazonite Tumbled Stone
Amethyst Clusters
Angelite Raw Chunk
Anxiety & Stress Relief
Blue Apatite Cube Tumble Stone
Apophylite Cluster
Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone
Bath & Body Products
Be My Valentine Collection
Bloodstone Tumbled Stone
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Blue Calcite Crystal Chunks
Carnelian Tumbled Stone
Christmas Crystal Infused Candles
Christmas Limited Edition Bath & Body
Christmas Limited Edition Gift Boxes & Bundles
Chrysoprase freeform Slices
Citrine Tumbled Stone
Cleansing & Purification
Communication & Clarity
Amazonite Crystal Chip Bracelets
Crystal Chips
Crystal Earrings
Chrysoprase freeform Slices
Crystal Generators, Towers & Points
Crystal Hand Carved Shapes: Spheres, Eggs, Hearts, Moons etc
Crystal Healing Kits
Infinite Soul Spiritual Healing Self Care Bath & Body Ritual Kit: Self Love
Spiritual Healing Bath Salts - Anxiety & Stress Relief, Sandalwood Scented
Crystal Infused Bowl Candles
Crystal Infused Reed Diffusers
Crystal Infused Soaps
Crystal Infused Spiritual Healing Candles
Crystal Jewellery
Himalayan Salt Lamp 4-5KG
Crystal Pendulums
Crystal Rings
Crystal Spheres
Large Silver Branches Amethyst Crystal Tree
Selenite Heart
Dream Catchers, Wall Hangings & Macrame
Emerald Tumbled Stone
Emotional Healing, Releasing Trauma & Grief
Essential Oils
Hamsa Hand Evil Eye String Bracelet
Fuchsite crystal chunks
Full Moon
Garnet Tumble Stone
Infinite Soul $20 Gift Box
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Grounding & Meditation
Happiness & Joy
Health & Wellness
Hematite Tumbled Stone
Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder
Cherub on a Moon
Incense & Incense Holders
Infinite Soul Tees
Infinite Succulents By Linda
Intuition Crystal Infused Spiritual  Healing Candle -  Blackberry & Rose Scented
New Jade Tumbled Stone
Red Jasper Tumbled Stone
Kamini Fragrance Oils
Fairy Size Lapis Lazuli Crystal Tree
Limited Edition Valentines Gift Boxes & Bundles
Love & Relationships
Purchase a Manifestation Ritual Conducted by April
Heart pendant with faceted 2mm Moldavite
Moon Circles
Rainbow Moonstone Raw Chunks
Muscovite chunks
New Beginnings
New Moon
New Products
Black Obsidian Chunks
Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser & Air Purifier
Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt
Mini Peacock Ore Chunks
Raw Crystals, Chunks, Clusters & Geodes
Handmade Resin Small Round Trinket Tray - Pink Lemonade
Infinite Soul Sweet Dreams & Relaxation Essential Oil Sleep Spray - Lavender & Neroli Scented 50ml
Self Love
Seven Chakra
Shiva Lingam Tumbled Stone
Smudge Kit: Stress Less - Anxiety & Stress Relief
Smudging, Cleansing & Rituals
Sodalite Tumbled stones
I am worthy  – Self love Spell & Ritual Kit
Spiritual Healing Crystal Infused Reed Diffusers
Spiritual Healing Ritual kits
Star Sign Collection
Star Sign Crystal Healing Kit: Aquarius
Star Sign Crystal Infused Candles
Star Sign Crystal Infused Reed Diffusers
Aquarius Necklace
Star Sign Ritual Kits
Star Sign Smudge Kit: Aquarius
Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt: Star Sign Collection - Aquarius
Sunstone Crystal Bracelet
Sweet Dreams & Relaxation
Elevate: The Power of Crystals Kit by Fiona Toy
The Aquarius Collection
The Aries Collection
The Cancer Collection
The Capricorn Collection
The Christmas Collection
The Gemini Collection
The Goddess Collection
Cauldron Smudge kit
The Leo Collection
The Libra Collection
The Pisces Collection
The Sagittarius Collection
The Scorpio Collection
The Taurus Collection
The Virgo Collection
Tigers Eye
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone
Transformation & Growth
Tumbled Stones, Ema Eggs/Seer Stones & Small crystals
Unakite Tumbled Stone
Wealth, Abundance & Prosperity
Christmas Limited Edition Crystal Infused Bath Salts -  Wholesale/Bulk
Wealth & Abundance Crystal Infused Reed Diffuser - Vanilla & Caramel Scented Bulk/Wholesale
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